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10 Questions To Ask a Financial Advisor Before You Use Them


With today’s easy access to the Internet, it seems that there are more and more people willing to claim the title of “prudent financial advisors”. Truth is though, there are nearly as many scam financial advisors (boiler room advisors as they are more commonly known) as there are authentic financial advisors advertising their wares. Therefore, if you are currently considering hiring any of the advertising financial advisors, the following are 10 questions to ask a financial advisor before agreeing to use their services:

10 Questions To Ask a Financial Advisor

  1. Where did they graduate from – and, importantly, in what subject
  2. Are they licensed financial advisors
  3. How long have they been practicing financial advisors
  4. Do they have experience in investment, insurance, retirement, tax or estate planning – or all of these
  5. What type of client would they consider their current average client – i.e. is their client portfolio mostly middle-age individuals, corporates, mutual/pension funds, etc.
  6. Are they paid a commission for advising any particular financial package – probably the most important question you can ask!
  7. What are their estimated financial advisors’ fees for advising you
  8. Will they provide you with a written financial advisors agreement
  9. What is the name of their regulatory authority
  10. Have they ever fallen foul of any regulatory authority rules – i.e. have they ever been disciplined by their regulatory authority


If you find any of your potential financial advisors are not willing to answer any or all of the above 10 questions, it is probably best if you move on to the next of the financial advisors on your list – or else run the risk of losing all your saving to a scam scheme!

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