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Why Knowing Your Credit Score Is Important


In the computerized world we now live in, knowing your credit score is vital as it will almost definitely control what you can and cannot do in your short-term and long-term financial future.

Importantly, your current credit score will determine:

  • whether you can get a mortgage
  • if you can get a loan
  • whether you are eligible for a credit card
  • if you can get any hire purchase

It will also have a vast impact on the rate of interest that you pay on any loans or credit you have and the terms under which any credit will be given to you.

Where to Get Your Credit Score?

So, knowing the role that your credit rating has on your financial future, how can you make sure that your credit score is correct? Unfortunately the only way you can do this is by making an application to a credit rating agency asking them for a copy of your credit report. Once you obtain the credit report from the credit rating agency you need to check to make sure everything on there is correct. If you find anything on your credit rating report that is incorrect, you need to make an immediate application to the credit rating agency setting out the reasons why you believe the information is wrong.


If you make such a report, it is likely that the credit agency will ask you to come and have an interview with them when you can set-out your case in person. If the credit rating agency believes you have a case, they may carry-out an investigation and then change their records.


Always remember that keeping your credit score healthy is imperative if you want to be able to borrow money cheaply in the future, so don’t damage your credit score for short-term gain as it will stay with you for a very long time in the future.

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